Green Economy

Today, the world economy, bounded by environmental and climate changes crisis, is shifting to contain the loss of natural resources and ecosystem services and enable people to meet their needs. Decarbonisation, resource efficient and social inclusion is the centre of Green economy. In addition to the need for public and private investment in activities and industries that will reduce carbon emissions and pollution, enhance energy and resource efficiency, prevent the loss of resources, it is the education, skills and capacities that need to be developed and strengthen for needed change of perception, behaviour and innovative solutions. To contribute to creation of new focus on the green economy, investment, employment and skills for positive social and environmental outcomes, the REC Montenegro aims to advocate for national and international sustainable economic growth.

The Green Economy main action highlights are following:

  • Promote and support activities that foster sustainable economic growth through low carbon economies, energy and resource efficiency
  • Promote and support green finance/ing, technology and investments
  • Foster actions leading to smart cities and sustainable and healthy urban transport
  • Supporting creation and strengthening of skills and capacities of young people for the change of mind set toward green economy and innovative solutions