Environmental Information

REC Montenegro aims to act as environmental information sharing platform for different national and regional actors in the field of sustainable development and environmental management. Through Blog and Useful links tool, the organisation shall disseminate state of the art information that affects the process of sustainable development and environmental decision-making. The long-term goal of  REC Montenegro is to act as reference point for environmental actors, by collecting and processing relevant information on national/regional environmental status, implementation of environmental legislation and programs, environmental civil society development, EU environmental acquis integration process, regional and international initiatives, and other.

The Environmental Information main action highlights are following:

  • Sharing best practices in sustainable development, smart growth, environmental management, participatory governance, public participation, environmental education, adaptation and mitigation of climate change, green economy
  • Transferring the progress of EU environmental and climate change acquis integration process
  • Distributing the national and international call for funding of environmental and climate change activities