Education for Sustainable Development

REC Montenegro aim is to contribute and support the UNESCO’s Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development (ESD) and UNECE’s ESD Strategy, and facilitates the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by serving the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. With dissemination of knowledge and information on sustainable development, environmental and natural resource management, and ESD policies and tools, fostering and promoting national and international dialogue, public participation in decision-making and policy preparation, cooperation between different stakeholders and encouraging as well as use of innovative educational tools for education on all levels, REC Montenegro is directly raise the quality of educational system and awareness on environmental themes and increase capacities for finding sustainable solutions.

The Education for Sustainable Development main action highlights are following:

  • Contribute to achieving UNESCO’s Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development (ESD) and UNECE’s ESD Strategy
  • Enabling smart, sustainable and inclusive growth through high-quality education
  • Support creation and promotion of innovative and specific educational tools to promote holistic and interdisciplinary approach of sustainable development values and skills
  • Foster sharing of experience and cooperation to assisting strengthening teacher trainings
  • Developing tools and campaigns on sustainable development issues to raise public awareness and encourage participation in environmental decision-making processes.